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Welcome to Biozone World

Biozone Life Sciences is a manufacturing company committed to provide high quality biotech based products that offer effective natural solutions to complex problems in the Animal Nutrition, Agriculture, Textile, Detergent and Environment sectors.
Under the able leadership of Dr. Ritika Oberoi and a well qualified team of Directors and Professionals, we are striving to be one of India's leading research based biotech enterprise having its presence felt in the field of Probiotics & Enzymes.

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Our Product - Magic Milk

Health Enhancer with Economic benefit.

What is Magic Milk ?

Magic milk is an ORGANIC Laboratory Engineered Probiotic Animal Feed Supplement. It is a 100% health enhancing proprietary blend of choicest ingredients and proven digestive carriers.

Why feed Magic Milk ?

Magic milk is one of its kind premium products that promotes the rumen’s health bringing notable changes in the physiology of the dairy animals, thus increasing the FAT, SNF & PROTEIN contents at the same time increasing Milk Yield substantially.
In field trials conducted with diversified breeds of dairy cows and buffaloes , regular feeding of magic milk has resulted in an increase of milk production.
Magic milk is formulated strategically focussing and including only selective probiotic culture and prebiotic carrier.

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